Spellbound WH-168 “Bourbon Cask” 46%


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Tasting Notes

A selective, 119 bottle release, exclusive to Bruny Island House of Whisky.

The “Spellbound” label represents our absolute highest quality single malts, a combination of carefully applied skill at all stages of production, and serendipitous fortune of flavour development in the barrel.

This release was made in collaboration with Waubs Harbour, a remote, maritime distillery on Tasmania’s far east coast.

Nose: The suggestion of sparkling cider, poured across raw beeswax honey in a vintage lolly shop.

Palate:  Notes of caramel and toffee, evolving through crisp hints sour apple candy with a rich buttery mouth-feel

Finish: Strong ending of creamy butterscotch, Nan’s chewy caramels and a lingering hint of oak grain