Trapper’s Hut 2020 New Releases

2020 has seen four new Trapper’s Hut single cask whisky releases with more scheduled for later this year.

Exclusively available from the Bruny Island House of Whisky and our Online store.

TH04 – JASPER released in February to celebrate the arrival our staff member Luke’s first child.
Apera sherry cask maturation. 35 bottle release. ABV 46%.

ND1208 released in May is a unique and and deeply satisfying whisky.
Intensely rich American Oak cask maturation. 149 bottle release. ABV 45.3%.

RD603 – HOSTAGE released in July acknowledges those caught by border closures.
Tawny port cask maturation. 38 bottle release. ABV 46%.

LD678-02 released in August is another unique whisky.
Aged in American Oak and finished in a tawny port cask. 100 bottle release. ABV 46%