Trapper’s Hut

Trapper’s Hut is a Single Cask, Single Malt Whisky made in Tasmania from the purest ingredients.

It is a whisky of outstanding quality.

The origins of the name Trapper’s Hut
Trapper’s huts are a lasting reminder of the pioneering spirit and perseverance of earlier generations. They provided protection to the hardy folk who toiled in a sometimes harsh, inhospitable environment during equally trying times. Today, for those with an adventurous spirit and an appreciation of nature’s finest, there is a promise of soothing calm and warmth in the wilderness …

About Trapper’s Hut
Tasmania has gained worldwide recognition for the superior quality of its single malt whiskies. The purity of the water and quality of the Tasmanian-developed and grown Franklin barley combine to produce a whisky worthy of comparison with the world’s best.

Our first barrel (HH348) was released in 2008 with 11 following barrels sold out.

Current Available Releases

Order Trapper’s Hut
Order online, by phone 03 6260 6344 or via Contact page.

Sold Out Trapper’s Hut releases – available for tasting only
A full collection of all sold out Trapper’s Hut releases exclusively available for tasting at the Bruny Island House of Whisky.

LD601 American Oak Cask – 2018 release, 45%, 280 bottles
XX-039/040 Tawny Port Cask – 2019 release, 46.2%, 94 bottles
XX–041 Apera Sherry Cask – 2018 release, 46.2%, 48 bottles
XX–038 Tawny Port Cask – 2018 release, 46.2%, 48 bottles
RD077 Port Cask – 2017 release, 46%, 30 bottles
LD438 American Oak Cask – 2016 release, 45%
HH071 American Oak Cask – 2015 release, 45%
HH360 American Oak Cask – 2015 release, 45%
HH507 American Oak Cask – 2015 release, 45%
HH064 American Oak Cask – 2014 release, 45%
HH070 American Oak Cask – 2014 release, 45%
HH348 American Oak Cask – 2008 release, 45%

Trapper’s Hut is released by Tasmanian House of Whisky
ABN 19975116861
Licensee Raven Vass – Licence No 50306