Trapper’s Hut Single Cask Release XX-039/040 – SOLD OUT

Trapper’s Hut is a single cask, single malt Tasmanian whisky made from the purest of ingredients.



Tasting Notes

Trapper’s Hut is whisky of outstanding quality. Each Trapper’s Hut barrel is released in its own time, cultivating a delicate uniqueness individual to each limited small batch release.

Tasmania has gained worldwide recognition for the superior quality of its single malt whiskies. The purity of the water and quality of the Tasmanian developed and grown Franklin barley teamed with the most passionate distillers, combine to produce whisky worthy of being held in the world’s best.

Limited Release Tawny Port Cask 94 Bottle Release.
ABV 46.2%

Trapper’s Hut Single Cask Release XX-039/040

Nose: Sweet port, Christmas pudding aromatics, wavers gently building flavour structure on the palate.

Palate: Lingering caramel and port sweetness.

Finish: Rich and mouth-watering.

Additional information

Volume 500 ml