Trapper’s Hut Single Cask Release LD 601


Trapper’s Hut is a single cask, single malt whisky made in Tasmania from the purest ingredients.


Tasting Notes

It is a whisky of outstanding quality. Each barrel is released in its own time, cultivating a delicate uniqueness and individuality to each limited release. Delicate, floral notes with a hint of vanilla to the nose, rolls beautifully across the palate. Soft, warming and well balanced, with a long smooth finish.

Tasmania has gained worldwide recognition for the superior quality of its single malt whiskies. The purity of the water and quality of the Tasmanian-developed and grown Franklin barley teamed with passionate distillers, combine to produce a whisky worthy of being held in the world’s best.

Limited Release American Oak cask 280 Bottle Release.
ABV 45%

Trapper’s Hut Single Cask Release LD 601

Nose: Delicate floral notes with a hint of vanilla.

Palate: Soft & warming, rolls beautifully across the palate, a smooth well balanced single malt.

Finish: Long & smooth.

Additional information

Volume 500 ml